10 hobbies for when your cat is alone

We love cats but can’t stay at home with them all the time. Our pets are usually in the mood when they are with us. Still, they must have other activities to avoid situations of boredom or stress when we leave the house. Here you will find 10 simple hobbies to practice with your pet.

Why is avoiding boredom important for my cat?

Many people think that cats are solitary animals that don’t need a lot of attention. However, cats are social animals that can suffer from anxiety and stress when left alone.

4 symptoms of a bored cat

1. They groom themselves too much.

When your cat licks himself more than usual, it could mean that he is bored and looking for ways to waste his time. This is not good since excessive grooming can cause bald spots and infections.

2. They sleep all day.

Cats have the characteristic of saving their energies, depending on what they need. However, when they are discouraged, stressed, or do not receive any stimulant to stay active, cats usually sleep up to 16 hours or more.

3. They eat more than usual.

If you have noticed that your cat eats more food than before, this is a point that you should not ignore. Like us, eating a lot can be a way to avoid depression or stress; cats often have these same behaviors.

4. They change their behavior.

If your cat has a mood change, this is more aggressive and destroys things; you should consider it. Indeed, something is bothering him, whether he is bored or going through some problem.

10 practical hobbies to prevent boredom in your cat

These ten hobbies are effective for all tastes and ages; your cat will love them!

1. Entertain your cat with toys

Moving toys are enjoyable for cats, as they help them hunt. You can buy specialized cat toys or make your own, such as a roll of wrapping paper or a paper bag full of fluff.

2. Get your cat to exercise

Designate an area in your house where your cat can climb and explore. This can be a low shelf, stacked stools, or even your furniture. If you don’t want your pet to mistreat your furniture, buy them covers to allow them to enjoy the space freely.

3. Teach your cat new tricks

This will amuse him and give him exercise and mental stimulation.

4. Stimulate your cat’s curiosity with fetch games

Cats are naturally curious, so fetch games can be great entertainment for them. You can play a simple game of hide-and-seek at home or buy a specialized toy that encourages your cat to seek and find rewards.

5. Give your cat a height from which to observe the world

From a simple window to a staircase with bay windows, cats love to be in high places from where they can watch the world. The height gives them a sense of security and power. Also, it allows them to be attentive to everything around them.

6. Let your cat have fun with household objects

One of the best ways to keep your cat entertained is to provide him with household toys. No need to buy anything special – cats love things like empty plastic bottles, rolled-up newspapers, and empty toilet paper. You can also make some simple toys from materials you probably already have around the house, like paper balls or balls of yarn.

7. Give your cat a scratching post to scratch

The best way to keep your cat from getting bored when he’s home alone is to give him a scratching post. Cats need to scratch to keep their nails clean and healthy, so providing them with a suitable place is essential. If you don’t have a scratching post, you can easily make one out of a piece of cardboard or wood. You can also buy scratchers at the pet store.

8. Make sure your cat has a quiet place to rest

Making sure your cat has a quiet place to rest is an excellent way to avoid boredom. But, of course, the ideal spot for your cat is a high place and away from the noise.

9. Create a stimulating environment for your cat

There are many ways to make the house more fun for your cat. For example, you can put toys in different places so that he can explore and discover new things. You can also change the toys from time to time to keep him interested. Another trick is to set up a ladder or cat tree in a room so it can climb and jump.

In short, with some creativity, you can prevent your cat from getting bored when you are away from home.

10. Consider adopting another cat

If your cat spends a lot of time alone in the house, don’t forget that you can adopt another cat so you can have fun together. They will both be pleased because they will have company to hang out with whether you are there or not.

In conclusion

It is essential to know that your cat can get bored if its habits are not appropriate. Remember that by their nature, they need to be active to satisfy their instincts.

Do you think your cat has any of these signs? If so, share with us what has happened to you and what other solutions you found for this situation.

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