5 tips to make your cat happy

The tips to make your cat happy that we are going to give in this blog are some of the factors that you must take into account on a day-to-day basis to offer the cat the basic needs it requires.

All of us who have a cat in the family care a lot about giving them the best and we hope they are happy, but do you know how to make your cat happy? Do you know if your cat has everything it needs to be happy?

Pay attention to this article where we give you the keys to make your feline happy and achieve the maximum cat happiness possible.


  • Know your cat’s personality

We know that until we live with the cat for some time we cannot know its personality so if you have a puppy this point will take a little more time to be able to do it correctly.

Cats have their own personalities and there are things that they may or may not like to do, as well as they can be more or less sociable. It is very important to know your cat to be able to respect his space and not perform behaviors that may bother him and, therefore, not make him happy.

If your cat hides when people go home, you should not force him to go out, just as if he is in a sheltered area that he considers his territory, you should not disturb him or enter.

Is it the first time you have a cat and you don’t know its body language? Visit our blog about what our cat wants to tell us depending on its body posture.


  • Leave an exclusive space for the cat

If you want to make your cat happy, you must have an area that he considers his. It can be a bed, an area of ​​the sofa, a hammock … that is, an area that feels its territory and that does not change place.

Cats need their territory and space, so having this exclusive place will make your cat very happy.


  • Exploration

Another important point to make your feline happy is that its environment is large enough and full of challenges. What do we mean by challenges? Cats are curious and explorers by nature, for this reason it is recommended that they have high places to which they are allowed to climb, corners to explore … etc.

To achieve the happiness of your cat, but also yours, we recommend that you have scratchers, high castles or similar where the cat can climb and jump. This way you will avoid his great passion for curtains and other furniture.


  • Game and hunting moments

A basic need of cats in addition to scratching is hunting, this basic instinct is key to their happiness. You should provide your cat with a daily playtime where they can hunt things and stimulate that aspect of their nature.

In addition, these moments of games will help to strengthen the bonds with the cat and we will make it happier and balanced.


  • Basic care

All the previous points have nothing to do if we neglect food, veterinary care, good litter box hygiene and other basic needs.


If you are not sure of the needs of a cat and what basic care it needs, do not hesitate to enter our blog where we have different articles that will help to achieve a happy, balanced cat and, therefore, a family of 10.



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