Types of cat scratchers – which one to choose?

If you’re also thinking of adopting a new kitten or changing your old pet’s scratcher, you should be aware of the types of scratchers available on the market, so you can find the one that best suits the needs of your home and your cat.

We will analyse which are the most common types of cat scratchers, their features and main advantages, so you can make the best decision for your home.

Types of cat scratchers and their advantages

Scratching towers

The tower-shaped cat scratcher is one of the best-selling scratchers on the market, and also one of the largest. The tallest models can be over 2 metres high, including different toys and areas for cats, such as caves, hanging balls, bridges and other accessories.

This type of scratcher is perfect for a house where more than one cat live together. A way to have a large gym for play in a reduced space to keep your cats entertained.

Scratching posts

Somewhat smaller, but equally practical, scratching posts are the ideal choice for one or more areas of the house. There are some models that include a bed, a little house or toys, either at the top or under the base of the scratching post top.

Its height can vary between 40 and 150 cm. Find the perfect model for your cat to sharpen its claws on and place it in that part of your house that is most likely to be damaged, such as the corner of the sofa.

Cat Trees

Tree-type cat scratchers are another favourite option for a multi-pet household. They consist of a base from which two or more scratching posts emerge and different areas for cats to play, climb and rest on top.

They are larger and more complex scratchers, which sometimes take up considerably more space at home. Make sure you have plenty of room for it and that your pets can use it safely.

Vertical scratchers

As practical as scratching posts, but more basic and economical, are the vertical scratchers that we find in pet shops in different models. In the shape of an inclined scratcher or a board, or to be placed in a corner, there are some models that can be installed on furniture, doors and walls so that cats have different places to scratch.

These scratchers are perfect for correcting the behaviour of cats that have started scratching the sofa. They can be moved to invite cats to use them instead, to save our precious furniture.

Flat scratchers

Each pet has its own scratching preferences. There are some that take the opportunity to stretch while sharpening their nails on a high scratcher, while others prefer to use flat scratchers placed directly on the floor.

It is a kind of carpet that is easily installed on any flat surface for pets to scratch horizontally. Very practical and economical, they are very useful especially for kittens that are adapting to their new home.

At Sepicat we encourage you to research which cat scratchers are best suited to your home and your cat’s needs, providing them with an ideal environment to develop their full potential. What type of scratcher does your pet like best?

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