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6 Curiosities about the Cornish Rex breed, or curly-haired cats

The Cornish Rex cat breed is one of the most curious in the world. A very slender cat, with long and stylised front legs, with a very original characteristic: he/she is the only feline with curly hair.

Just like the hairless cat of the Sphynx breed, the Cornish Rex arouses a lot of curiosity among pet lovers. Today, we show you 6 of the most distinctive features of this beautiful animal, with information that will make you want to adopt one of them. You’ll see!

Its origin is a coincidence

This English cat comes from a mutation that occurred in the 50s in the region of Cornwall, United Kingdom. Spontaneously, a cat was born with wavy fur and physical characteristics similar to a greyhound that have remained until now.

Very talkative

The Cornish Rex are not just pretty cats, they are also very affectionate with humans, and they love talking to them. They are considered very talkative cats, since they make many sounds to communicate and attract attention.

They are very active and friendly

This wavy-haired cat gets on very well with other animals, both cats and dogs. They are quite active, especially in their young stage, so they are a perfect pet to be around kids.

They walk in a very peculiar way

Have you noticed their characteristic body? This cat has very long and thin front legs, but the hind legs are not that long nor thin. For this reason, they have an arched back, with their gait being a very distinguishing feature of their breed, just like a small greyhound.

They are less allergenic

It is said that this breed of cat produces less allergy than others. This statement is due to the fact that they shed less hair, but cat hair is not always the cause of allergies in humans. Although it can be better tolerated by those who have tendency to allergies, care must be taken.

They need to shower

Unlike other cats, it is good for Cornish Rex to take an occasional bath. With such a compact fur, more grease and dirt tend to accumulate, and it is not a bad idea to wash them with a special shampoo to maintain their hair.

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