7 things your cat can’t resist

All cats love our independence and clearly mark out what we consider our ‘kingdom’. Luckily for you, human, you have not needed to live with one of us to be aware of those fundamental facts. Now, since you love us so much, would you be able to name the 7 things that cats cannot resist?

Listen, not to belittle you, no way, but I doubt you know everything about us. I’m feeling generous today so I’ll clue you in on some of our tastes. Listen closely:


What we cats like most is…


1 Sunbathing


By now, I’m sure you’ve noticed that we love warm places. The sun’s rays give us a big boost to our well-being and, whenever we can, we just lie down to enjoy the sun.

If you place us next to windows or in warm places of the home like one of our little beds, you’ll make us the happiest little kitties on the planet.


2 Scratch


Whether it’s sharpening our nails, marking our territory or just for fun, we love scratching whatever we have on hand. I know it can be a pain, but It’s one of our innate activities, so please don’t scold us when we do… no matter how much you loved that piece of furniture, clothing or shoes, we just can’t help ourselves.

Learn to channel this feline need and put scratching posts and like near us. Choose strategic sites in our homes and we’ll try not to scratch your stuff.


3 Hunting


Speaking of instincts… cats love to hunt. Hunger has nothing to do with it. We just really love the hunt. In fact, whenever we have a chance, you will see us appear with some animal in our jaws.

Please don’t scold us. We won’t associate your scolding with our hunter instinct. You can help us stay in shape if you give us toys to play with, hunt or interact with you.


4 Sleep


We sleep an average of 18 hours a day. No, we’re not lazy. Our body needs it to be healthy and fit. I beg you not to fall into the temptation to wake us up while we sleep… No matter how much you want to pet us, love us and play, we really need our sleep.

If you wake us up often, the only thing we will feel is stress and it can make us sick. Nobody wants that, right? Wait until we wake up on our own.


5 Having access to varied and warm food


We can’t resist food. In fact, if you offer us something that we like, we’ll eat it even if we’re not hungry. In fact, we love food so much we can easily get fat.

Try to give us a balanced diet and we alternate wet food, dry food and a bit of human food. Of course, don’t make the mistake of changing our diet from one day to the next or you will make us sick. And if the wet food is served warm, it would be purrfect.


6 Love us


Even though we are independent animals, we love being with you. It’s easy to see the many signs of affection your kitty will give you: we fall asleep near or ON you, we lick you, we rub ourselves against you, we purr, we demand petting…


7 Heights


Oh, the heights … We can’t resist our desire for domination. Have you ever tried to control your desire for views from a drone? You don’t know what you’re missing. The power is infinite… Meow!

Although, of course, the instinct to protect ourselves from possible dangers while we sleep also plays a roll. That’s why you’ll often find us up on high, as high as we can go. Hopefully, we won’t need one of those nice firefighters to come rescue us.


These are my peculiarities. Can you tell me what things your kitty can’t resist?


Gato naranja encima de un rascador

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