Is bathing your cat necessary?

Cats are the cleanest pet you can have in your home. We spend a lot of time cleaning ourselves throughout the day. Still, on occasion we may appear a little dirtier than we would like and a little help never hurts.

Bathing a cat is only recommended in very specific cases, and just like with other cat care tips, bathing must be done while keeping your pet’s comfort in mind.

As a cleanliness expert, given that I spend many hours a day cleaning myself with great care, today I want to share my feline knowledge with you so you know the exact – and only – situations when you have to wash your cat. Write this down!

When to wash a cat

 Cats that go outside

Although we cats are very careful and try to stay clean, if we go outside frequently we also run the risk of getting dirty, just like dogs. If your cat leaves your house, even if he cleans himself after coming back, giving him a bath once in a while to get rid of the dirt he might accumulate on his excursions will not hurt.

Very dirty cats

Even if we are at home, there are times we have accidents and get dirty. Having dirty fur is exasperating and when we get dirt all over we have to spend hours and hours grooming to clean ourselves up again. In this case, and only if we are quite filthy, we would appreciate it if you lend us a hand with a quick bath.

Long-haired cats

Long-haired cats can easily get their coat tangled to the point it cannot be brushed later. When this happens, we have no choice but to use a special cat conditioner and untangle the wet fur. This is a good opportunity for a deep cleaning, although there are some cats that will resist, even if their fur is completely knotted.

After being treated

After a cat has been treated, for example to get rid of external parasites, they need a good bath to remove any product that may remain on their skin. We know that it is for our own good, although we do not like having a shower. Ask your veterinarian when you need to bathe your cat after he receives a treatment and if you need to use a special shampoo to remove any remaining product.

Elderly cats

When we get older we no longer have the same energy or ability to clean ourselves. This is why some older cats need help when it comes to bathing to feel completely clean. It is normal for you to notice your cat no longer cleans himself like before because of his old age. However, we recommend you see your veterinarian if you find that your cat has a lot of difficulty or if he does not even try to clean himself. He could be very sick and need a different kind of help.


Cat taking a bath

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