What cat litter should I buy?

Humans, if you’re newcomers to having us as pets, it’s normal that you be somewhat confused when selecting the best cat litter. Luckily, you can now rely on me and Sepicat cat litters, the finest you’ll find anywhere on the market. In fact, if you’ve had one or more cats as lifetime companions for years now and you haven’t shared the advantages of these cat litters with them, you just don’t know how to enjoy the finer things in life.

If you’re reading what I’m saying, I can then assume that you’ve opted to choose the best of the best for us, but do you know what type of litter to buy for your cat?

The first thing you must take into account is the type of litterbox cleaning you’re going to be doing. There are two alternatives: cleaning the bathroom daily or cleaning it spaced over longer periods. More specifically, you can completely forget about cleaning the litterbox for a couple of weeks, for example. If you opt for the first alternative, you’ll have to choose a non-clumping cat litter. And if you’re more one to prefer scooping up little compact balls and waiting a while before rolling up your sleeves and getting messy, then the best thing is for you to decide to use a different type of litter, such as the Sepicat lightweight clumping litters.

Just that simple, that’s the major difference between a clumping litter and any other non-clumping litter.

The next aspect you should take into account in order to get the best litter for your kitty’s toilet are your pet’s own individual characteristics. Whether you cat is long-haired or short-haired, whether your cat likes for the litterbox to give off some fresh scent, the size of the litter pellets… Yes, you may think that choosing a litter is a difficult process, but nothing better than understanding your cat so that he or she will be a happy, healthy kitty.

Now then, the great advantage you’ll find in the Sepicat litters is that they have it all. No matter how finicky you think you cat is, they’ll know how to keep your kitty happy at Sepicat. All of their products have powerful odor inhibitors, so if you take good care of the litter box as should be, you’ll hardly even notice it’s there.

Besides, if you decide to buy the lightweight litters, you’ll save yourself some backaches on having lightweight, compact, easy-to-handle formats.

Nothing better than using the Sepicat Litter Selector to discover what type of product is the one that best suits your needs.

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