How to prepare a cat for the holidays

How to prepare a cat for the holidays

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In these summer months there are many trips that we can take, whether they are weekend or full weeks, and many people have doubts about what to do with the cat during these days.

To prepare a cat for the holiday, different factors must be taken into account.


  • Take the cat on vacation


An increasingly shared option is to take the cat on vacation. The important thing in this case is to prepare the feline the previous days and also to know its personality, since in general cats do not like changes, but if you educate them from a young age they can take these “summer trips” much better.


Tips for taking the cat on vacation



If your cat is not used to the car, it is better to make small trips close to home so that he gets used to the smells, movements and sensations that the vehicle gives them.


Prevent the cat from becoming dizzy

Cats, like people can get dizzy on the way, for this reason it is highly recommended to go to the vet before the trip.

This way, you can check that everything is correct and they can provide you anti-dizziness pills suitable for the cat.


During the trip


Stops during the journey

It is important to make stops during the journey so that our cat can drink water and use his litter box if he wishes.

We recommend having your litter box handy with a little cat litter during the trip so that we can fill it and clean it without problems.

When we make these stops, if we want our cat to stretch its paws, we must leave it inside the car. Do not let him out because if the cat is experiencing stress can react in any way.



The carrier, as we said in the blog of things necessary for the arrival of a kitten home, is our great ally.

We must have one that is spacious enough for the size of our cat, approved and well secured in the car to prevent it from tipping over if there is any accident.


When we reach the destination

It is very important that our cat is not “forced” to do something he does not feel, it is better to leave his carrier open.

He must decide when is ready to go out and explore the house. We must make sure that the house is safe for our feline before letting him explore.


Leave the cat while we go on vacation

Another option if our cat is very fearful or reluctant to change is to leave it at home.

If the trip is less than a week, we recommend that you choose this option to avoid stressing the kitten.


How and where are we going to leave the cat

We can leave them in our own house or in a specialized residence.

At home

If we leave the cat in our house, make sure that a family person or a friend comes to the home to check the feeder and the litter box.

It is important that this person who takes care of the cat maintain the same routines as we do regarding the maintenance of the litter box. In addition, it is good if they can come every day to take care of him and play with the cat for a while.

A half hour visit would be best so that the cat does not miss the company.

Before leaving the cat in charge, make them meet and share some pleasant time at home playing and with your presence.

In a residence

Just like for dogs, dog kennels are the best when we are away from home for a season, in the case of cats it depends a lot on their personality.

There are sociable cats that can adapt very well to feline residences, but, on the contrary, it can cause great stress to others due to smelling other cats in their “territory” and experiencing such a sudden change.

Go to the establishment days before the trip to see the facilities and even take your cat to see how it behaves in that environment and see if it is the best option for him.


We choose the option we choose, we recommend that you keep both the food and the cat litter that is used normally.

On one hand, if you keep the same food is good to prevent our cat’s belly from suffering.

On the other hand, the use of the litter box is a very delicate moment for our cat, if is used to a certain smell, sand and litter box it is good to keep it to prevent it from rejecting it.


To sum up, the chosen option must be adapted to the personality of our cat and obviously, to the circumstances of the trip since, in all of our trips, even if we want, we will not be able to include our cat.

Whatever we choose for the kitten make sure you have the litter he likes the most, follow the established routines as much as possible and that your kitten feels loved wherever he goes.

Are you going on vacation this year? Discover how to travel with your cat litter! If you have more questions or want more advice on how to care for your kitten, visit our blog!

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