Kidney stones in cats

Kidney stones or urolites are tiny stones that are formed in the urinary tract of our little fellas, this happens due to an excessive accumulation of minerals in the urine. When they go through the urinary tract they cause a lot of pain, because they can obstruct or clog the urinary tract. If this happens your cat will not be able to pee.  

In spite of this being really common, we cannot dismiss it since it can turn into a serious and complicated issue that can risk our pet’s life. 

Y a pesar que esto es muy común, no podemos tomarlo a la ligera pues puede convertirse en un problema complicado y de riesgo para la vida de nuestro minino.

This is why we should be aware of the behaviors our cat presents. In Sepicat we will tell you some of the signs that may indicate if your cat is dealing with kidney stones, so you can help it recover. 

Common symptoms 

The first thing you need to do is to be aware of the changes you may present. The symptoms are very similar to the ones experienced by a human with kidney stones. If you notice the same behaviors in your pet it is time to take action. 

The most common kidney stones syndromes are, Sadness and low mood


-Pain when urinating


-Blood in urine

-Frequent and small urination 

-Cant urinate 

There are some breeds that are more prone to developing kidney stones, like the persian. Aldo, middle aged rats are more susceptible to presenting this health condition.  

The treatment that your cat receives will depend on how severe the problem is. The most important thing you will need to do is take your pet to the veterinarian to receive a diagnosis and the proper treatment. Some treatments may be  pharmacological and other more invasive like surgery, but this will depend on what your veterinarian diagnoses. 

There is another procedure that consists of using a catheter to clean the bladder and eliminate the stones. This procedure is made with a lot of precaution, as the cat is expelling the stones it will have to be on antibiotics, anti inflammatories and drinking a lot of water so this little fella can go through the process the best way possible, getting rid of those stones that are causing so much discomfort. 

Care to prevent stones

What you feed your cat is key to having a good life quality, this is why food low in sodium is the best option since the excess of salt is one of the main causes of the formation of kidney stones. Likewise, it will be necessary for you to motivate your pet to drink water constantly. When your cat isn’t drinking enough water it will generate less urine, which contributes to the formation of stones. Remember to keep the water fresh and clean, change it every day because this is the best stone solvent. 

If your car presents any of these symptoms, it will be necessary for you to take it urgently to a specialist. Kidney stones may cause a lot of trouble if they are not taken care of. 

A general revision is always recommended, even if the cat isn’t presenting any symptoms. Prevention is the best way to maintain their health. If we are aware of how important routine revisions are, our cats will be part of our lives for many years. 

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