Sepicat LightWeight Ultra Antibacterial: Keep rid of bad odors longer

I admit that having to clean your cat’s litterbox really often can be a tremendously tedious chore. And not only for you human, because we cats don’t like our litterbox all smelly and dirty after just one use. Thank goodness there’s  Sepicat LightWeight Ultra Antibacterial to make us feel better!

Yes, with this lightweight ultra-clumping cat litter incorporating a powerful bacterial agent, you’ll be able to keep our litterbox odor-free for much longer. This is something we deeply appreciate, since, as I just mentioned, we cats don’t want to relieve ourselves anywhere that’s dirty and bad-smelling.

Like all of Sepicat’s fine-quality cat litters, the LightWeight Ultra Antibacterial cat litter is comprised of 100% natural superabsorbent fine clay granules, which are additionally 40% lighter in weight that conventional clumping bentonites, making for a much lighter weight, easier to handle cat litter. Because there’s a big difference between lugging around more than 20 kilos and easily picking up the Sepicat LightWeight Ultra Antibacterial 10-liter package, which is much longer-lasting given its high degree of effectiveness. In fact, one single package of this cat litter lasts up to 45 days for a medium-sized cat weighing 5 kilos.

Besides, this is an environmentally-responsible product according to the study conducted by PWC Ecobilan, which makes me feel great on knowing that every time I use Sepicat cat litter, I’m contributing to respecting and taking good care of the Environment. And the powerful bacterial agent it contains inhibits practically all growth of the bacteria causing bad litterbox odors.

LightWeight Ultra Anterbacterial cat litter is very easy to use, and since it’s lightweight it will conveniently help to keep the cat litterbox clean and fresh. All you have to do is put a layer some six centimeters thick in the litterbox, so that, every time the litterbox is used, compact clumps will form which are easily disposable on cleaning the litterbox.

So, now you know. If you haven’t found that one cat litter that best pleases your cat yet, don’t waste any more time and get yourself a little package of Sepicat LightWeight Ultra Antibacterial cat litter. Your kitty will thank you for it, and you’ll discover that cleaning the litterbox has never been as fast and easy.


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