You still don’t know which Sepicat product to choose? Learn how to use our cat litter selector!

I’ve been talking to you for some time now about all of the fine qualities Sepicat cat litters have to offer, and although I don’t have anything against you trying to let your cat pick and choose from among all the cat litters we have available, we’d like to invite you to take advantage of our online Litter Selector.

Yes, the people at Sepicat know their business and are fully aware of the fact that not all litters are best for all cats. That’s why they’ve thought of you humans lucky enough to have cats in your lives and have invested their time in providing you with the best ever litter selector anywhere.

By answering questions as easy as your preferences and your cats’ habits, the selector will show you the best litter to suit your needs within a few short thousandths of a second.  It couldn’t be easier! The only thing the folks at Sepicat have as yet to do is to take up mind reading to let you know when you need to get yourself a new bag of litter.

So you’ll be able to see just how easy it is, I’m going to go through one example…. to see if it’s true that the Sepicat Litter Selector will actually be on the mark concerning my likes. The first question they ask is whether or not we know the differences between the different types of cat litter and, as most of you aren’t too familiar with all this, I’ll answer by saying that I don’t know. The next question they ask is the type of clean-up you want your cat’s toilet to have. Since I know you don’t usually have much time, I’ll say that I’d like to do this clean-up once a week, which  makes it clear to me that I need an absorbent litter. And that’s it! We’re all  done, because the very next step clearly shows me that what is need is Sepicat Supreme 2in1.

But now I’ll go through  a real-case scenario, because I’m Sebas and am perfectly well aware of the types of litter that really keep me happy and my human hassle-free. After answering that I do know the differences between the types of litter and that I want my toilet cleaned regularly (with a clumping product), I add that I am an only cat, that I want my litter to be lightweight – I don’t want my human to hurt their back lugging around heavy weight – and that I use the toilet often, which gives me back the answer…. Yes! Sepicat LightWeight litters!

This team sure knows what they’re doing, no doubt about it. So, now it’s your turn. Whenever you have the slightest doubt, use the Sepicat online Litter Selector to discover what the best litter is for your beloved cat’s litterbox. Your cat will love you for it!


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