Tips to cut your cat’s nails

Cats’ nails grow very fast. For this reason, we need to be constantly sharpening them to wear them out so that they do not become a nuisance.

If you do not want your cat to resort to the furniture and the sofa at home to keep an optimum length of their nails, it is recommended that you cut them every 2 or 3 weeks. It is normal for your feline to be reluctant and not to agree with his/her weekly nail clip. So today, we give you some tips and tricks to make this activity more bearable.

Discover how to properly cut your cat’s nails without getting him/her nervous.

Clippers for cats

To cut your cat’s nails, you can use a normal pair of nail scissors or a nail clipper as the ones you use for yourself. You can also use the special nail clippers for cats. They are a kind of scissors or small pliers that have a notch where you can put the nail of the animal to make a more accurate cut without risk. It allows you to control exactly where you want to cut, so you do not go over the line.

What part of the nail should we cut?

It is very important that you cut your cat’s nails on the white side, avoiding that pinker inner area. If you cut in the pink part, your cat’s nails can bleed and it will hurt. When in doubt, better cut less than more.

How to cut a cat’s nails without stressing him/her

Cut your cat’s nails when relaxed. If possible, ask someone to pet and distract him/her while you cut the nails.

Grab his/her paw carefully, and gently squeeze each pad so the nail comes out. Cut the tip of the nail, one by one, until you have finished them all, both in the front legs and the hind legs. Remember to do it every two or three weeks.

If your cat fights back, you may need several attempts to cut them all. Be patient and careful in each cut, and you will see how it is not a traumatic experience for your cat, neither is it for you.

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