Types of cat litter

You sure can’t say having a cat isn’t easy and convenient. We’re very clean pets. You don’t have to take us out for a walk. And all you have to do is leave us food, fresh water and a good litter box for us to be as happy as can be. However, you surely must have wondered more than once about which type of cat litter is the best choice. So, let’s take a look and see about that.

The most important thing is for you to provide us with a litter box that is nice and clean and dry. That makes us very happy. But with the new technological advances, several very different types of cat litters have been put on the market to better suit your preferences and your pocketbook.

In short, you’re going to be the one choosing the litter that I’m going to have to be using, so be good and give it some good hard thought when making your choice, since this is something extremely important for us. So, besides buying the cat litter you like the best, try to pay attention to checking to see whether we find it to our liking too, okay?


Types of cat litter:

Sepiolite. This is the cat litter that’s been around forever. It is very long-lasting and low-maintenance. It stays dry a long time, keeps odor at bay and is dust-free. These cat litters are also very lightweight.

Bentonite. This is a clumping litter. Its main advantage is that it enables you to scoop up the solid and liquid excrements, because when the litter is moistened, it forms balls that you can then easily remove. There are many types and colors.

Although the ultra is the one normally sold, there are different granule sizes. For example, we sell regular bentonite and white bentonite (for the latter, we have both classic and ultra granules).

Silica crystals. Looking more like rock salt (as crystals) than cat litter. These crystals are highly absorbent and also retain odors quite well. You should remove the old litter and put in new litter whenever you see that the white crystals have turned dark yellow in color. This type of litter lasts for a good length of time.

Ecological cat litters. These are the most environmentally-friendly litters and, if it sets well with us, it could be one of our favorites, because that’s the way ecology-oriented cats are. These litters come in wood, bamboo, recycled paper, plant fiber, … They are ideal for composting. This litter is a bit more expensive, but you’ll be helping the planet.

Hormites: That’s what we call our range of lightweight clumping litters. They are 100% natural clays, but are 40% lighter in weight than the conventional bentonites. These litters are so highly absorbent that they are much longer-lasting (normally as explained in the video). This litter is also respectful of the environment.



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