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How to care for your Siamese cat!

So, you’re thinking about getting a Siamese cat as a flat mate. Congratulations, it is the most affectionate cat breed you will find. In fact, given the fascination of Siamese cats with humans, it is known as “the dog of cats”.

They don’t really like to go outside, but when their human takes them out for a walk, the Siamese cat is delighted. What’s more, your kitty will even let you use a leash for long walks without feeling any temptation to escape.

Your good luck doesn’t stop there as this breed is long-lived and in good general health. With the proper care, the Siamese cat has a life expectancy of about 20 years… come on, that’s quite a bit, eh!

Siamese cats don’t like being left alone at home, much less being ignored. In fact, many humans confuse this discomfort with being in a bad mood, but nothing is further from the truth. As soon as the human pays attention to her or his Siamese cat, the kitty’s “bad mood” will disappear completely.

Now, all that petting won’t do any good if you don’t take good care of your Siamese cat. Follow my advice and you will enjoy your kitty for a long time.


Basic care of Siamese cats


As soon as you bring your kitten home, Siamese or not, the first thing you should do is take it to the vet. this way, a specialist can check the good health of your kitty and advise you on how to care for it and feed it so that it stays healthy. Of course, strictly follow the vaccination schedule and go to your trusted veterinarian periodically to check the health of your cat.


How to correctly feed your Siamese cat


During the first three months of life, the Siamese cat must be with its mother and be fed by breast milk. But, once the cat arrives at your house, if it is still a kitten, I advise you to give it fresh food and feed for Siamese kittens to eat.

When adulthood is reached, the Siamese cat will get used without problems to feed based on balanced food. When your Siamese cat is older, it be fed with senior cat food that covers all their needs.

Of course, the first times you give your Siamese a slice of ham or turkey, you better not do it holding the food between your fingers. In the passion of the moment, your kitty will not be able to measure where the food ends and your fingers begin. But, whatever.


Caring for the coat of your Siamese cat


The coat of the Siamese cat is abundant and soft. Siamese cats have short hair, so a regular weekly brushing will be more than enough to keep it in good condition. However, if you accustom your kitty to a brief daily brushing, its coat will be untangled, clean and more lustrous than any other.

Also, if your kitty has a good amount of Omega 3 in its diet, you will marvel at the beauty of its coat.

As for bathing, a passage through soap and water every month and a half will be more than enough for your Siamese cat to be clean. Remember: these cats don’t like going outside alone, so it’s difficult for them to get really dirty.


Siamese cat sleeping

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