My cat bites my hands. Why?

Your cat has probably bitten you on more than one occasion and you don’t always understand why it does it.

There is no single explanation to the question why does my cat bite my hands?, But in this article we are going to tell you some of the reasons why your cat can bite you.

Before starting it is good that you pay attention to your cat’s body language, since, even if you think it bites you without warning, in reality it has already been warning you of its intentions beforehand.


Bite to play

How important are toys for cats and know which ones are the most suitable according to their age!

If since childhood you play with your cat to chase the hand or other parts of your body, when they grow up they will think that biting the hands is part of a game.

We recommend that you always use a toy to play with your cat and thus avoid hurting you with its fangs for thinking that biting is the ideal hunting game.

When they are little it is funny, but do not forget that they grow and with them, their fangs.


They bite to stop us petting them

Cats can be affectionate or independent, regardless of the type they are, not all of them need that kind of care and attention at all times.

If your cat is receiving caresses and love and begins to wag its tail from side to side or stops purring … we recommend that you give it some space if you do not want to receive a small bite.

It is important that you respect your cat and his personality to avoid unwanted scratches or bites.


Bites for excessive love

You read that right! Sometimes cats bite out of affection. If your cat is receiving love and caresses, he may try to express how much he loves you by giving you love bites.

Right now your cat is so filled with love for you that he has no better way to express his feelings.

Why does the cat bite me for love? It must be borne in mind that cats from the time they are little play and express their feelings with their brothers through nibbles. It is an ideal way for them to control the force they can exert without doing damage and to test their fangs and bite.

If your cat has not been in the company of other cats since childhood, this control may not have been exercised and bites do a little more damage than expected.

Be that as it may, if your cat bites you out of excess love, it is a privilege.


Bites out of anger or feeling intimidated

The most obvious reason a cat can bite is if it finds itself in a situation that makes it feel uncomfortable and it has no choice but to “defend itself.”

As we have explained in other blogs on our website, it is important to know your cat and avoid situations that cause them stress. It is already known that cats are territorial animals that generally do not support changes well.


And you, why do you think your cat bites you? If you have questions or want to know more about us, do not hesitate to leave us a message or follow us on social networks.

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  1. my cat will bite with only his front teeth on my ankles, hands, arms, anywhere he can really especially when i’m laying down in my bed and he comes next to me. he never breaks the skin but he starts to drool and then nip. he does it randomly. when he wakes up and i’m there while he’s purring or just when he sees me. why??

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